Terms of conditions

Upon registration, you agree that the information you provide is stored in Finansforbundet`s  member database.

We use this information to manage your membership and to contact you by letter, phone and via electronic channels to inform you about the membership and various membership benefits.

On My Page you can see and change information we have stored on you.

  • Necessary contact information will also be shared with Finansforbundet’s collaborators (for example Gjensidige and YS Member Benefits), to ensure that you get member benefits that are included in the membership and get proper information about which membership benefits you can use
  • If you do not wish to receive electronical newsletters that is sent out every other Wednesday, you can click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter. If you wish to reserve yourself for other forms of information or information channels, please contact us at tel. 22 05 63 00 or send us an e-mail.

Read more about privacy and cookies on finansforbundet.no


  • Membership is valid when your enrollment is completed, and the membership conditions are accepted
  • You commit to give us your updated contact information and employment information by notifying relevant changes
  • Inadequate information could lead to reduced membership benefits as you are not available in the channels where the services are provided
  • You undertake to inform Finansforbundet of changes in your work situation that may entitle you to a changed subscription. Paid membership fee is not refundable
  • Changes can be made via My Page or by sending an email to post@finansforbundet.no


  • Membership is valid when registration is completed, the membership terms are accepted, and the membership fee is paid
  • You are obliged to update your contact information and study information by notifying relevant changes. Inadequate information could lead to reduced membership benefits as you are not available in the channels where the services are provided
  • Students who cancel studies are obliged to report this
  • Changes can be made via My Page or by sending an email to post@finansforbundet.no



Membership rates can be found here



Would you like to cancel your membership with Finansforbundet? Send an email to post@finansforbundet.no

  • The membership will be terminated the calendar month after the notification is received
  • Failure to pay the membership fee to the Finance Sector Union-Norway is not a valid termination of membership
  • Agreements signed with Finansforbundet’s partners will be terminated at the next main maturity. If you have signed up for banking and insurance agreements, the established customer relationship may be maintained, but the terms and conditions change to the partner’s ordinary terms with effect from the time of termination.


  • Finansforbundet does not provide legal assistance in cases that have arisen before enrollment or that have occurred before three months of membership
  • Legal assistance is not provided if you have failed to pay your membership fee to Finansforbundet


Finansforbundet reserves the right to make changes to the conditions above. Significant changes to the terms and conditions will be notified to the members.