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The Finance Sector Union of Norway (Finansforbundet) is a nonpolitical trade union for employees in the finance sector.

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Wage settlement in the Norwegian financial sector

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Be part of a larger community in the financial sector!

The Finance Sector Union of Norway is the only Norwegian trade union with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the finance sector.

Our members are employees working in banking, insurance, technology, accounting, debt collection, financing, assurance and underwriting.

Key numbers

  • 34 000 members
  • More than 1 100 company representatives
  • We have members in over 300 financial institutions

A safety net when you need it

The finance industry is a vital and innovating sector where changes happen fast. Modern technology prompts new ways of working. Being organized in a trade union can help you with the support and encouragement you need in times of change.

The Finance Sector Union in Norway is dedicated to serve the best interest of the employees in the finance sector through offering the following services:

  • Help to update your skills when you take on new roles and tasks at work
  • Protecting your rights as an employee and ensure smooth transitions for members in a time of frequent reorganizations
  • Contribute to create a sound and stable working environment based on the collective agreements we have signed with the employers

You never know when you might need advice with a problem at work. The more employees that are organized, the more influence we will have on shaping our future at work.

Anyone that goes to work and care about their working conditions needs a trade union. 

Vigdis Mathisen, president Finansforbundet

One of our most important tasks is to carry through collective bargaining the employers’ organization Finance Norway on behalf of our members.

When you are employed in the financial sector and your company has entered into a collective agreement with Finansforbundet – you will find the basic provisions about your pay and employment terms in the following agreements:


The benefits of joining Finansforbundet

Members of the Finance Sector Union are entitled to an extensive range of legal and member services:

  • Free legal advice from our lawyers on employment rights matters
  • Beneficial insurance products
  • Scholarships for continuous education and training
  • Coaching and career counseling
  • Financial community membership that will connect you with 34.000 organized employees in the sector
  • Access to beautiful traditional cabins with a seaside view in the South of Norway

Trade unions have given us:

  • 5 weeks of paid holidays
  • Shorter summer work hours
  • Regulated working hours
  • Paid overtime
  • Paid leave (parental and educational)

Together we have created these benefits and will continue to work for all employees in the finance and technology-sector.

More than 60 percent of all employees in the financial sector are already members. Our trade union have members in over 300 different financial institutions across the country.

Membership fees

The membership fee at Finansforbundet will cost you 1,1 percent of the gross monthly salary or a maximum of 420 – NOK per month.

The first three months are free!

Remember that you can deduct NOK 3,850, – of the membership fee from your taxes


Membership costs NOK 250, – per. year.


Membership costs NOK 600, – per. year.